Sunday, December 26, 2010

So what is a memory model? And how to cook it?

Just posted a new article on fundamentals of memory models in the context of multi-threading. It covers 3 basic properties: Atomicity, Visibility and Ordering, along with some compiler-related and high-level languages aspects:


  1. Thanks for providing a good overview of the issues for memory consistency models. By the way, it's chapter 8 (not 7) in volume 3A of the Intel manuals.

    You said that SPARC as 8 memory models. I thought it was 16, since there are 4 flag bits controlling the memory model. Or are some of the combinations not supported or hopelessly silly?

  2. Thank you, Arch.
    I will fix chapter number for the Intel manual.
    As for SPARC, I actually meant a chapter number - chapter 8 "memory models" :)
    AFAIK, for SPARC in *practice* only 1 fence type is a no-op, the same as for Intel, membar #StoreLoad. That is, you can theoretically setup a processor in RMO mode, but real implementations are all still TSO.

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