Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What new materials would you like to appear on 1024cores?


I would like you to share you preferences regarding what kinds of information you would like to appear on 1024cores in the near future. You know, I need to kind of prioritize everything I may potentially share there, and your input is important to me.

I've started a poll on the right pane >>>

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas on lock-free algorithms: about queues and reader-writer problem, about object life-time management, lazy initialization, caching, etc

I may share more thought on scalable architecture: message-passing and pipelining, overloads, patterns, etc.

I may share thing related to parallel computations: some principles, caveats, problems and solutions, patterns and anti-patterns, etc.

Concurrency Myth Busters is going to be a section on common misconceptions around multicore, concurrency and parallelism.

I may highlight some hardware aspects like caches, NUMA and HyperThreading.

There are also Links, Libraries and Tools.

And if you check Other, please, drop a comment here regarding what exactly you mean.

Also don't hesitate to share here other thoughts, comments and suggestions on the site here.

Thank you.


  1. You mean the right pane right ? ;)

  2. I believe coarse-grained dataflow is a most suitable foundation of modern parallel programming. I'd like to hear about available libraries and languages.

  3. Ah, yeah, indeed it's right side, thank you :)

  4. A comment from LinkedIN for tracking purposes:
    "scalable skiplist with delete operation like hash table from Cliff Click"

  5. Well, you're confused wrt lists heads and tails, so why not left and right ? :-D

  6. I would like to see your expert review of the data structures that Nikolas Askitis has been working on.

  7. @Kristofer What exactly data structures do you mean? As far as I see, his work does not relate to multithreading/concurrency/multicore...

  8. Perhaps exploring making some of them suitable for "concurrent" access.

  9. > Well, you're confused wrt lists heads and tails, so why not left and right ? :-D

    I confuse heads and tails systematically, while left and right episodically :)

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